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Mold Remediation by House Doctor Pomales

Mold Air Testing in Orlando, FL

Molds are part of the natural environment. Outdoors, molds play a part in nature by breaking down dead organic matter such as fallen leaves and dead trees, but indoors, mold growth should be avoided.

Molds reproduce by means of tiny spores; the Spores are invisible to the naked eye and float through outdoor and indoor air. Mold may begin growing outdoors when Mold Spores land on wet surfaces.

THERE ARE MANY TYPES OF MOLD, and BLACK MOLD is not the only Mold to be concerned about. ALL Mold is Allergenic, MANY Mold are Pathogenic and SOME Molds are Toxigenic.

The Hidden Dangers of Mold Exposure

  • “Fungi are the cause of many outbreaks of disease, but mostly ignored. Fungi can cause a number of life threatening diseases…Many people, scientists among them are largely unaware” -American Academy of Microbiology-
  • Mold spores are so small that as many as 250,00 spores can fit onto the head of a pin. In one minute your lungs can take in over 700,000 of these spores.

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