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House IV Air Purification System

This innovative air purifier featuring revolutionary new technology uses probiotics to purify not only the air around it but also exposed surfaces and objects.

The House IV is a true breakthrough in lowering the risk of suffering caused by various allergies. Our PureBiotic formula and distribution system (Probiotics-In-Progress) safely removes dust mite allergens and other contaminants and irritants in a natural, green, eco-friendly way to create a healthier environment. It also eliminates odors at their source – not just covers them up!

Misting PureBiotic probiotic formula into the veins of your home (ductwork) will distribute the House Medicine through air landing on surfaces in your home including pillows, bedding, upholstery, drapes, carpets, stuffed toys, sinks countertops and all other surfaces. Allergens and dangerous biofilm are removed, and replaced by a long-lasting protective layer of beneficial organic probiotics creating a safe, stable and odor free natural environment.

The House IV mist the air of your home through your ductwork giving 24hr protection. My Purebiotic probiotics actually works at the microscopic level, applying a protective coating of beneficial organic probiotics that lets you create and control a healthier, natural, safe, stable and odor-free environment for your homes and work areas.


For decades, chemical-based disinfectants have been the way to clean your house of harmful bacteria, molds, mildew and other pathogens . But disinfectants simply don’t work! When you use harsh chemicals, you are killing both good and bad bacteria. Disinfectants which contain harmful chemicals, only last a few hours or seconds and actually make things worse by giving new bacteria a food source. Yep, all the germs you just killed leave a layer of dead bacteria known as BioFilm and to make matters worst you now added harmful chemical residue to your home.

Good Bacteria Vs Bad Bacteria

Most people are familiar with internal/ingestible probiotics, like that found in yogurt, that use good bacteria to bring your body and digestive system back into balance by attacking bad bacteria that dwell in your gut. But did you know that we can harness the power of natural probiotics to protect the environment around us too?

The Power Of Nature To Destroy Bacteria’s Food Source-So They Don’t Come Back!

The House IV uses an all-natural probiotics formula called PureBiotics, the only Environmental Probiotic Technology in the world designed to protect indoor living spaces from air and surface contaminants. The Purebiotic formula employs the balancing power of nature to reduce indoor environments of harmful bacteria and other pathogens that may pose additional health risks. By replacing dangerous pathogens with our powerful probiotics we control the microbiological environment through natural competition. Purebiotics actually deconstructs biofilm… and is the only product that does so

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House Doctor Pomales House IV Air Purification System
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Without biofilm, there is no place for harmful germs to hide and hold dirt.

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