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Air Quality Testing In Orlando, FL

Air Quality Testing In Orlando, FL

House Doctor Pomales does indoor air quality testing in Orlando and surrounding cities. He tests for indoor air pollution (the presence of harmful airborne chemicals and hidden mold) to help you identify their sources so you can do something about them. It is the most advance Indoor Air Quality Test for a home to find harmful VOCs, mold, formaldehyde and more that may be lurking In the air you breathe. Plus we test for dust mites, which can be a major asthma & allergy trigger.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

The EPA has declared that indoor air quality is a greater health hazard than outdoor air pollution, with pollutants being up to 100 times higher indoors than outdoors. Whether you know it or not, the air in your home can contain harmful chemicals from numerous sources that could make you feel sick or make asthma and other health conditions worse.

Many of the most common products in our homes – even those we use to clean and freshen our air – are prime sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Even the materials our homes are made of can sometimes release harmful chemicals into the air, like formaldehyde. These VOCs “off-gas” continuously over time, sometimes for years.

The age of a home doesn’t matter when it comes to VOC contamination. In fact, newer more energy-efficient homes don’t breathe properly and sometimes are more polluted than older homes.

The bottom line is when enough of these chemicals are emitted into your home’s atmosphere, it can cause irritation, breathing trouble, and illness. House Doctor Pomales Air Check, tests for the presence of these harmful airborne chemicals, even hidden mold, to help you identify their sources so you can do something about them.

Knowing what's in your air can help you:

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Be Your Healthiest

Air Quality Testing In Orlando, FL


We all want good health for ourselves and our families. We wash our meats and vegetables, drink clean water, and are careful about the foods we eat. Now we can be sure that the air we breathe is as fresh and clean as it can be. Using my Home Air Check is a great way for people to keep themselves and their families feeling their best. Now you can ensure that your home air is free from pollutants and chemicals that could be harming you or your loved ones. Breathing good clean air is absolutely fundamental to good to health. When you add furniture, products, cleaning agents, and other goods to your home, you can have an effect on your air quality and not even know it. Let's make testing your air a regular part of your Spring cleaning.

Feel Better

Air Quality Testing In Orlando, FL


According to the American College of Allergies, 50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air. In fact ​the EPA informs us that 6 out of 10 homes and buildings are "sick", meaning they are hazardous to your health to occupy as a result of airborne pollutants. Airborne chemicals in your home could make you feel sick and make asthma and other conditions worse. Do you ever feel lightheaded or dizzy after being inside your home for a while? Do you find it harder to breathe at home than at work or outside? Are there peculiar persistent odors or chemical smells in your home? You are not alone. We hear from many people who believe that the air in their homes may be making them sick. It's a common complaint and it is often true. Sometimes items in our homes or its very building materials may be giving off harmful chemical pollutants, called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Without adequate ventilation and proper containment, even slightly elevated levels of these airborne pollutants can be bad for your health – even worsening asthma symptoms and triggering attacks . Consulting your doctor is always the first and best way to make sure you are well and to try to determine the causes of an illness.

But when the doctor gives you a clean bill of health and can't say for sure what is making you sick, it's time to have the Air of your Home Tested.

Help Give A Baby A Fresh Start

Air Quality Testing In Orlando, FL

Babies need clean air to grow up big and strong

New members of the family need good clean air to grow up healthy and strong. Having a new baby is a wonderful and challenging time. We want everything to be safe and clean for our new bundle of joy. But believe it or not, that new shade of blue paint, or the new furniture and accessories you may have added to the nursery could be off-gassing harmful chemicals that aren't good for baby. In fact, air quality is significantly more important to babies and toddlers than adults. Because babies have a smaller body mass, the concentration of airborne chemicals, molds and other pollutants builds up in their systems more quickly. And even before your bundle of joy is born, you’re exposing them to a multitude of airborne chemicals that could affect their health, not to mention yours. What pregnant moms breathe in, babies also take in. So, before you introduce your new loved one to their new home, lets be sure their air is clean and healthy.

Protect Your Family

Air Quality Testing In Orlando, FL

As a society, we are so careful to buy the safest cars, switch to organic vegetables, and/or do our part to recycle.  We are doing our best to be responsible, environmentally and safety conscientious citizens to protect our generation and future generations.  Little do we know that the location we may be spending the most time, our home, can have lurking dangers and toxins that you breathe and that are absorbed through the skin.  DON'T TAKE A CHANCE OR GAMBLE ON WHETHER YOUR HOME IS SAFE!!  Put your mind at ease by having House Doctor Pomales conduct an air quality test so you and your family can rest easy knowing that you are breathing in safer, cleaner air.


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