Is your home as safe
as you think it is?

Household toxins include far more than just lead paint and asbestos. What’s in the air that you breathe, and is it making you sick? Don’t just guess. Test!


Indoor mold is a major health concern. Tests will determine the type and quantity of mold you’re dealing with.

Indoor Air Quality

What’s in the air you breathe every day? Discover the invisible allergens lurking in your home and take action.


Exposure to Volatile Organic Chemicals, or VOCs, can cause cancer. Discover the worst sources.

Who Needs Indoor Environmental Testing?

Everyone can benefit from testing their home for environmental toxins! However, mold, VOC and indoor air quality testing is especially urgent for people who:

Testing for Mold and Air Pollution in the Greater Orlando Area

House Doctor Pomales routinely serves customers within a 50-mile radius of Orlando, Florida, including:
For indoor environmental testing services outside the Greater Orlando area, a travel fee will apply.

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