Environmental Probiotics

A microscopic army for a microscopic threat!

You know probiotics are beneficial for your gut health and digestion -- but did you know probiotics can also purify the air you breathe?

What Are Environmental Probiotics?

Environmental probiotics are a strain of “good bacteria” called Bacillus ferment. These bacteria consume numerous indoor environmental pollutants, including dust mite feces, pollen and pet dander, while posing no harm to indoor air quality themselves.

An environmental probiotic system regularly sprays this good bacteria into the air so that it settles onto hard surfaces throughout the room. The bacteria can also penetrate into bedding and fabrics.

How Can I Disperse Probiotics Throughout My Home?

Some indoor probiotic systems integrate directly with your HVAC system to ensure every room in your home is protected. Smaller systems protect one room at a time.

And to allow you to care for hidden nooks and crannies or to spot treat areas of high concern, you can also purchase environmental probiotics in a convenient spray can.

Who Benefits Most from Indoor Probiotics?

Environmental probiotics are an excellent solution for allergy sufferers who need relief from excess pollen and dust mite populations in the home. It’s best to use these bacteria as a maintenance measure rather than the primary way to get rid of a major infestation. Don’t expect the probiotics to get rid of mold or high concentrations of VOCs.

Find Out if Environmental Probiotics Are Right for You

Allow House Doctor Pomales to inspect and test your home for common indoor air pollutants. Once he has the test results, he’ll help you come up with an action plan — which may include a healthy dose of environmental probiotics.