About Tony Pomales

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Meet House Doctor Tony Pomales

Hi, I’m Tony Pomales. I chose to work in the Indoor Environmental Testing industry back in 1994 because I wanted to positively affect the health of families across the United States.

For over 25 years, I have concentrated on effectively diagnosing and permanently solving moisture intrusion, mold problems and indoor air quality issues. What this means to you is that — as your specialist with concentrated experience — I have probably solved your problem dozens of times before.

I’m an Indoor Environment Specialist. In short, I test for indoor air pollution. This takes many forms, so I test for the presence of harmful airborne chemicals, hidden mold, dust mite allergens and more. Then, I help you identify the sources of these pollutants and help you develop a solution to improve your air quality — and your health.

House Doctor Pomales is a family owned and operated business based in Central Florida.

A Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional

Tony Pomales holds the following certifications and accreditations:
“Tony is not only an expert — He cares! He wants it done right! He shares knowledge with others. Thank you!” – Doris J. Rapp MD