If you live in Daytona Beach, FL and feel like you’re allergic to your home … you probably are! The warm environment along the east coast of Florida makes this area a wonderful place for year-round adventures at the LPGA International Golf Course, Daytona Speedway, or Tiger Bay State Forest. But that warmth comes with a high level of humidity, and there’s not much of a break for allergy sufferers -- indoors or out.

Could You Really Be Allergic to Your Home?

You expect your home to be a sanctuary where you can be safe and healthy, so it’s understandably alarming to learn about hidden health hazards lurking in everything from the products you use and the mattress you sleep on. Daily exposure to dust mites, mold, and VOCs in your home’s air can certainly affect your health and wellbeing.
The humidity common in Florida — Daytona Beach being no exception — allows mold and dust mites in particular to thrive, and VOCs could be in the cleaners that you reach for to clean with. To regain your health, you have to limit your exposure to polluted air. You can’t control the air outside, but you can control your indoor environment.

Daytona Beach Indoor Air Quality Testing

You deserve to live your best life — whether you’re at work or play in Daytona Beach or making memories at home. Take care of yourself and your family by finding out exactly what’s in the air you breathe. If your home’s making you sick, wouldn’t you like to know so you can do something about it?