Are You Swallowing Dust Mite Feces?

  • An average 2 year-old mattress contains a colony of 2 million dust mites and each dust mite “poops” 20 to 30 times per day. dust mites fecal matter is harmful to EVERYONE’S health, to varying degrees. Easily inhaled with each breath when you sleep, Dust mite Fecal matter enters your lungs and remains in your lungs, suffocating and killing, your living lung cells! It is also an Asthma trigger
  • Approximately 95% of all homes in the U.S. have Dust mites and of those, over 50% are INFESTED!
  • “Even the tidiest house hosts multitudes of unwanted guests. You can’t see the microscopic moochers, but your next sneeze, sniffle or full-fledged stomach flu might come courtesy of the bacteria and viruses growing by the billions on surfaces you touch every day”-AARP-